Color Trends for 2017

From Pessimism, a Renaissance

NuCoat's Paint Suppliers Forecast Trends in Color Choices for 2017

Paint suppliers predict color trends for 2017.

When you move large volumes of paint, like our key paint suppliers constantly do, you are in a position to know what's trending in paint colors. We checked with them and discovered an exciting and broad range of color trends that are currently taking shape. This year we've been struck by the distinct frankness of the designer's observations. One can well imagine the pressure on designers to come up with yet another upbeat, cheery, optimistic assessment of color trends. To do something other than that takes guts, and lots of it.

Most of us are painfully aware that, for the past five years, the economy in America has been under a lot of stress. Middle-class homeowners are feeling it most of all. The undercurrent of hard times, diminished opportunities, colliding with the fierce determination and unyielding resilience that is characteristic of the American people, is captured in the design trends of 2017.

Take a deep breath and read on. Here's our quick review of some of the most fascinating and appealing trends.

Nostalgia, Cultural Diversity, Industrialism,
Science and Technology

Are the Drivers of 2017 Design Ethic, says Pratt & Lambert


Pratt & Lambert identified four trends for 2017 and called them, "phenomena, vestiges, dialects, and curated". Phenomena, they say, reflects a blending of science and the physical world, to which is artfully added a sense of fantasy. The color palette includes powerful hues like Blue Comfort and Azalea, and then softens the overall look with soft-toned Chiffon and Violet Echo. Dreamlike, surreal. You might just find your fantasy surroundings in this color set.

The color trend, vestiges, merges the modern and the traditional. Here, Pratt & Lambert indicates colors ranging from blue to rose-lavendar in subtle, deep shadings. In their hues we see a certain somber nostalgia, more a tone of defiance than depression. The colors can make you feel good, in the same paradoxical way that a sad movie does.

Gone is the moodiness in P&L's dialects trend. Inspired by both globalization and multiculturalism, the color palette leaps boldly forward with hues linke Golden Laughter and Sunblest Poppy. We love these bold, bright, cheerful tones!

Rounding out P&L's trends for 2017 is curated. In in we see a juxtaposition of their somber, vestiges trend and the bright, airy dialects trend. Curated is bold and bright, but the colors are deeper, more complex tones that serve to reflect the past and future at the same time.

pratt & lambert paint color trends 2013

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Benjamin Moore Declares Lemon Sorbet
Its 2017 Color of the Year

lemon sorbet paint color

The experts at Benjamin Moore have made a great choice. This shade of yellow is subtle, balanced, and will work almost anywhere.

Benjamin Moore says, "lemon sorbet is the perfect transitional color between the mid-tones and saturated colors seen in today's home furnishings and the softer, lighter pastels which are emerging for 2017."

A You Tube video series produced by Benjamin Moore demonstrates how this color can be used just about any room in the home. Click the image to jump to the You Tube page.


Dunn Edwards Sees a Renaissance Arising from Pessimism

Color Palettes Capture the Mood of the Times


"A renaissance," to paraphrase the authors of Simply a New Renaissance: 2017 Color Trends, "is a cultural movement bringing about new inventions, scientific advances, and innovations in the arts, politica and intellectual pursuits, along with pessimism and nostalgia for the past." Whether or not that description conjures up a renaissance, it certainly does capture the spirit of 2017. We live in a world of wrenching change, an unclear future, and a growing sense of something irretrievably lost.

How do such complex notions impact our senses? What becomes of our desire to create beautiful and comfortable surroundings in our homes? The design experts at Dunn Edwards have gamely taken up the challenge of answering those questions. In 2017 they see four color trends and have named them, "Re-invented, Re-newal, Re-imagined and Re-vival. The colors range from deep tones, to mid-tones and lighter hues, inspired by metal, machinery, earth and stone. Gritty, matter-of-fact colors that make no secret of themselves.

These are colors in which we can feel grounded, settled, and in control, despite the turbulence of the outside world. These are colors which can create a comforting, protective atmosphere in your home.

But not all of the palette is down-beat. Inspired by technology, natural colors of the West, and a nod to mid (twentieth) century modernism, Dunn Edwards shows us a vivid, soaring range of colors that inspire and thrill. These are colors that deserve a place in your home.

Paint Color Ideas 2017
Paint Color Ideas 2017
Paint Color Ideas 2017
Paint Color Ideas 2017

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