Why Painting Contractors Put Customer Service Above Everything Else

Posted on March 20 2017, By Admin


Getting a new coat of paint for the workplace or the home is a given, especially when owners see some cracks on the paint layer or when the paint is peeling off. It is a good decision to find a painting contractor then. The walls can benefit from the refurbishing.

Even if a homeowner or company owner doesn't know anything about painting contractors, they should know that it is definitely better to hire a professional than doing things on their own. Not only can they have the job done right, they can also be assured of receiving stellar customer service. They put all their effort into making you satisfied.

By providing good customer service, the painting contractors can get the customer's trust. There's also the possibility of gaining repeat customers and expand client base. There are lots of things that a painting contractor can benefit from provide superb customer service.


Consultation and Quotes

If the client decides to work with a painting contractor, one of the responsibilities that a contractor has to fulfill is providing a consultation. Offering a simple and informative consultation is ideal. The contractor, during the consultation, has to discuss all the details relevant to your painting needs. It may cover the interior or the exterior of your building. It may also be both.

Once the consultation is done, the contractor then has to send a quote. This quote contains the estimate of the total expenses that the client has to pay for the work. Through that, the client can decide whether to push through with the work or negotiate the budget. At this time, the client can also discuss other aspects of the job.


Provide Answer to Questions and Concerns

Even before the work starts, the client will surely have lots of questions and concerns. The professional should be capable of answering the questions that the clients have. If they have concerns, the contractor must address these as well. A professional painter who understands the value of good customer service will happily answer client questions.


Speedy Feedback and Contact

Once the job is underway, the professional painter must be easy-to-contact. The painter has to answer any questions that the client may have. Moreover, the painter also needs to update the client of the progress of the project. To avoid causing friction and misunderstanding, there should be proper communication among all the parties involved in the painting project.

Keeping in touch is not only a one-way street too. That means that the painter should not only be the one to keep an open line of communication. The client should also make sure that the painter can contact them whenever necessary. The painter may have some clarifications and questions about the job that only the client can can answer.


Proper Planning and Timeline

Aside from ensuring that proper feedback is given, the painter also ensures that there is a detailed timeline of the project provided to both the workers, if working with other professionals, as well as the clients. It is through planning it properly and having a timeline can the painter ensure that there will be no surprises while going through the entire painting process. Both the clients and the workers can work their schedule around the timeline given. It should be more convenient and efficient for all the parties involved in the work.

By providing quality customer service, the painters can ensure that the customers are satisfied before, during, and after the painting process. If the customers are satisfied, they can refer you to other people and that means additional revenue for you. Moreover, these clients might become your repeat customers. On the other hand, receiving good customer service will certainly impress any client. A client who receives good customer service will come to trust the professional who provided that. Good customer service secures the loyalty of the client.

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